Sunday, September 09, 2007

Anthelic arcs in Finland

On August 28th anthelic arcs appeared in the northern part of Finland. My coffee break was suddenly halted as watching from the window I noticed several arcs. Once outside my eye was first caught by well developed parhelic circle. Then, looking up I noticed a colourful Wegener arc. Colours were red on the bottom and blue on the upper part. In the later stage of the display I noticed faint X at the anthelion indicative of the diffuse/Tricker arcs. I had no camera but my friend borrowed his camera equipped cellphone. Image quality is quite poor, but halos are still recognizable.Also Parry arc and 120 parhelia were present. Other halos were 22halo, parhelia, 22 upper tangent arc, parhelic circle, circumzenith arc, infralateral arc and supralateral arc. The display was noticed over large areas in Finland. More photos is here. Also see the photos by Arto Oksanen and Panu Lahtinen


Blogger Michael Ellestad said...

very nice wegener arc! just like yours the ones I saw jan 15 2006 they were colored and the parhelic circle was sharp and bright and I had parry arc as well including the super rare heliac arc which formed a faint white loop above the CZA. This is why I carry my Nikon D-100 where ever I go because something just like what you got can show its self when you least expect it.

12 September, 2007  

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