Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Beginning of Halo Season in Hungary

The halo-season in Hungary has began in a very promising way. There were two particularly noteworthy displays this week.

The first one was observed by László Henez "Felhőcske" on 16th September near Eger, Hungary. As a born halo-observer, even though he was quite unaware of what he was seeing, he took a picture of not only the sunward halos, but the anthelic side, as well, where about a quarter of the bright white parhelic circle was visible together with a Wegener arc curving downwards towards the anthelic point. The 22° halo and the upper tangent arc were seen in the sky covered with uniform Ci for about half an hour after 8:25 UTC, while the anthelic arcs for only a few minutes. László did not see any 120° parhelia or anthelion. More of László’s photos can be seen here.

In the afternoon of 18th September, an odd radius display appeared with pyramidal 18° and 9° halos besides the 22° one. The photo was taken by "Controll" in Jobbágyi, northern Hungary, but the 18° halo was seen in Budapest by Alex Farkas, too. The display started with a 22° halo and lasted for roughly 40 minutes, until 14:15 UTC. "Controll" reported that she had seen a possible 46° halo as well, but it was at the edge of visiblity. It’s worth having a look at the faint pyramidal crystal parhelia in the picture provided. The full-size photo is also available, together with a panorama image of the display.


Blogger marko riikonen said...

The pyramid parhelia is lower 24° parhelia. In the blog image its seems to be too high, because the image is tilted from the horizontal, but in the panorama it's in the right place.

19 September, 2007  
Blogger Michael Ellestad said...

Nice rare halo photos the last good halo I got a few weeks ago in Ohio USA was a nice odd radius. My first sighting of wegener arc was jan 15th I belive and at the same time heliac arc was there!!!

20 September, 2007  
Blogger Menno said...

Great to see this observation from a neighbouring country! Unfortunately on that day I had no odd radius in Transylvania, but there will always be new chances....


04 November, 2007  

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