Tuesday, September 25, 2007

concave and convex Parry arc in Germany

When Stefan Danner was driving home in the evening of September 12th, he saw a pair of very beautiful sundogs. After having reached home, he noticed that there were two more halos – a very rare combination of a concave and a convex Parry arc. He could watch the two arcs getting brighter and brighter by the time. The impressive phenomenon lasted about 10 minutes before it ended showing a bright sundog.

Later, when he looked at the “raw pictures” closely, disenchantment followed: there was not a lot to see for the eyes of a layman. Only after having processed the pictures a little more or less, the effect of the halos in the pictures was like he felt it. (He saw them better than visible in the “raw pictures”, but not as intensive as they look after the processing.)

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