Sunday, May 06, 2007

Odd radius halos in Czech republic

On April 5th 2007 there was typical nice, but „dry“ cirrostratus in the sky without presence of halos. I was continously checking the sky and after 10:00 I noticed very faint halo that had unusualy wide upper part. That was very suspitious to me so I started to take photos which were after processed by Registar. You can see the result in the output picture. There are two seperated halos which I later identified through the comparation with night sky, as 20° and 23° halos. Maybe there is also 35° halo, but it cant be certainly identified from the picture. The phenomenon could originate at 0,3-0,0-0,0 or 1,0-0,0-0,0 crystals.

I saw very simmilar displays with nice, "dry" cirrostratus and then with faint odd radius halos on June 22nd 2006 and August 26th 2006 so that is quite interesting.

Martin Popek


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