Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pyramidal halos 8-14-07

After weeks of seeing no nice halo displays I was at work today on breaktime and I saw 22 halo and upper 22 deg tangent arc. I put my sunglasses on and I soon realized I had an odd radius display at hand. In all there was 9 deg. halo 18 deg halo and the outer halo who knows it could be 22 or 23 or a combo of both. The upper arc is convincing it looks sharp and I think it might be 22deg upper column arc but not sure. One photo is an original and the other has USM applied to make the halos stand out better. This is a good odd radius display for me but I know there is a lot better.


Blogger Cyrille Baudouin said...

Your display is not so bad, since I have never seen yet 9 and 18 degree halos at the same time!
About the upper arc, I think that it could be a 23 degree upper plate arc, it often appears with other pyramidal halos. Another interesting thing is the 18 degree halo which is brigther on the left and on the right of the sun (but not enough to show the 18 degree plate arcs).

23 August, 2007  
Blogger Michael Ellestad said...

Thanks, your right it is not so bad but I get jealous when one gets over a half a dozen rings around the sun at once. Thats when I wish the same clouds that made those halos come over to Ohio USA.

26 August, 2007  
Blogger Menno said...

Great odd radius display, Michael! Congratulations!
How many times on average you see pyramidal halos a year?? Is five times per year a good guess?

26 August, 2007  
Blogger Michael Ellestad said...

I see at least less than a dozen odd radius halos. When I ever I do they seem to come in "sets" such as 18-23 deg halos and plate arcs or 9-22 deg rings. The best one I saw was the first month of this year and it had up to 5 rings at once!! and they were 9,18,20,23, and 35 deg. halos. The 35 deg. ring was found in photos after wards. 2006 was a year of first as halos go. that year I saw lower 23 deg. plate arc and in January I got wegener and heliac arcs!!!

30 August, 2007  

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