Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Halo meeting in Finland

Coming summer, on the weekend of 14-16 July there will be a meeting for halo and other atmospheric optics enthusiasts in Finland. The location is the Artjärvi observatory in Southern Finland countryside. In the program there will be talks, watching people's photos and just hanging around with each other.

Many Finns and some foregin participants have already signed in. We hope to get wide participation from abroad. The official program will be kept in English language. If you are interested to come, please contact me at the address found here and I will tell more details about the meeting.

(The picture shows odd radius halos from last summer in Eastern Finland)


Blogger Patrik Trncak said...

Yeah, it will very good meeting! I enjoy.

01 March, 2006  
Blogger pphattingaverschureHALONET said...

I intend to be there too. A good opportunity to meet all sky optics friends... What about famous finnish mosquitos ?!

16 March, 2006  

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